Helpful Tips from Kingsway Shoe Comfort in Edmonton

Kingsway Shoe Comfort is here to help you find the perfect pair of shoes. In order to get the most out of your shoe-shopping experience, we’ve provided a few helpful tips below. If you have any questions, please give us a call or stop by and see us!

Try on Shoes Later in the Day

Your feet have a tendency to swell later in the day so it’s important to try on shoes in the afternoon or evening. You want to make sure your new shoes accommodate your feet at all times.

Don’t Go by Size Alone

Kingsway Shoe Comfort recommends that you have a thumbnail width of space at the front of the shoe. Make sure there is no pressure along the sides of the big toes or little toe, nor across the top “knuckles” of the other toes.

A size 8 shoe in one brand may be a size 9 in another brand. Don’t be afraid to go up or down a size - you’ll thank us later. If you are lucky enough to find shoes that come in different widths, remember to try more than one size. For example, you should compare the 8 wide with the 8 1/2 medium width.

Give Your Shoes a Trial Run

Kingsway Shoe Comfort always recommends walking around before purchasing your new shoes. We also suggest wiggling your toes and flexing your ankles. Sit and stand up several times as well to ensure the proper fit. If anything feels tight or rubs, you’ll need to try a different pair or stop for Band-Aids® on your way home. Make sure you move when trying on your shoes!

Walk on Hard Floors

Just as the cushioning inside your shoes makes them more comfortable, so does any cushioning on the outside. The only way to test how shoes will feel after you’ve been pounding on the pavement is to try them out on a hard floor.

Types of Shoes

If you wear arch supports, foot orthotics or any other shoe inserts, be sure to take them with you when trying on shoes. You may need a half size or full size larger to accommodate them. A lace-up shoe is preferable as the fit can be altered by the tightening or loosening of the laces to accommodate periodic swelling. Shoes that have at least 3 to 4 pairs of eyelets will provide the most support.

Think Ahead

Buy shoes to suit the occasion. A dressy sandal may be fine for a dinner party where you will spend your time sitting down. However, for everyday wear, when you are on your feet at work, shopping, traveling or at home, sensible comfort shoes will allow you to walk and stand comfortably for longer periods, reducing excessive pressure and strain on your feet. At Kingsway Shoe Comfort, you can find both style and comfort.

Love Your Shoes

Once you have purchased your shoes, do what you can to make them last. But remember, no shoes will last forever.

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